is an education platform for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

It was started by Fathi Said in 2014. If you want to read his story - it's pretty wild - you can find it here.

Fathi got his start in games at age 16 (Command & Conquer to be specific - but don't look for him on the Wikipedia page). He moved his industry over to web hosting, and is now in the heart of Silicon Valley with several multi-million dollar brands under his belt.

But he had some help along the way to becoming successful and that help inspired him to start

There are so many times in the "Entrepreneurial Cycle" where we get stuck :
confused, frustrated, caught up in the wrong things. Or when we're trying to figure out just how other entrepreneurs are doing it. How are they growing? How do they scale their businesses?

Our goal is to build a community based on the ups and
downs of owning a business, and the often arduous tales
of growing it..

You'll find tips and information on :

  • Starting Your Business
  • Building a Site that Converts
  • Getting More Traffic
  • Making More Sales
  • Scaling Your Revenue
  • Getting Things Done
  • Analytics
  • Helpful New Tools
  • Books Entrepreneurs Like

You'll hear a lot from Fathi himself as well as other entrepreneurs with great insights.

Stick around and enjoy!


Where would a site be without good hosting? We asked ourselves this question and weren't satisfied with the answer.

The answer is that without good hosting, a site would simply move onto another host in search of better hosting. We want to make a hosting platform that you can't get anywhere else.

What if hosting gave you everything you needed without you having to ask? What if it automatically delivered the speed, space, and services you needed to grow?

Cloud IX is striving to be exactly that kind of host.

  • You tell us your goals, we'll automatically build your service around them
  • Seamless integration with the tools you already use
  • "Always on" service (over 99.99% uptime, supported by multiple data centers and custom-designed hardware infrastructure)

Our Goal

Our aim is to have the education, tools and services (such as hosting) working together as a platform. As businesses grow, their services will too - without needing so much as a prompt.

We are building a full-scale business services product that includes monitoring & analytics, better email and marketing tools, education on how to grow and better manage your business online, and all the services you would need to run it.