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HackerShield performs daily security scans employing industry-standard, as well as advanced software and methodologies to scan, test, and identify security vulnerabilities. Only those websites that pass these security certification tests are authorized to display the HackerShield seal.
This site is tested daily using Ecommerce's HackerShield Vulnerability Scanning Service. This service conducts an extensive array of tests for major known vulnerabilities on the website. This trusted site seal is only presented after this website has passed the HackerShield vulnerability test.
This website can secure your private information using a verified SSL Certificate. Any information exchanged with an address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before it is transmitted. Our vulnerability scans are updated daily to ensure the latest security threats are tested.
Company name:
IX Web Hosting
Company Address:
Main Office & Data Center
1774 Dividend Drive
Columbus, OH 43228

Call Support Center
1774 Dividend Drive
Columbus, OH 43228
The information provided using Ecommerce's HackerShield service only shows the site has passed HackerShield's vulnerability scans on the current website. The server on which the website is hosted is not scanned. Although this, or any other, vulnerability testing cannot and does not guarantee security; it does show that meets all payment card industry guidelines for remote web server vulnerability testing in helping to protect your personal information from hackers. HackerShield does not guarantee that the site is immune to hackers or that any data stored on the site is safe. Furthermore, HackerShield is in no way responsible for the safekeeping or use of any of the information stored on a scanned website. HackerShield makes no warranty or claim of any kind about the accuracy or usefulness of any information provided herein. By using this information you agree that HackerShield shall be held harmless in any event.